Guaranteed "No win no fee" scheme

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We know that difficulties at work can be all consuming, creating a significant amount of stress. In addition, you may have been dismissed and may not have found a new job. Money at home may be tight. You may wish to challenge your employer but may not be able to pay for legal services in the traditional way.

We may be able to help.

If you meet our criteria (explained below), we will guarantee to provide you with representation with an employment law dispute (or part of a dispute) on a “No Win No Fee” basis. This means that you won’t pay for any of our own legal fees if either your claim does not succeed or a settlement is not agreed.

This criteria includes that you need to have: (i) been dismissed or resigned or (ii) exhausted your employer’s internal grievance process regarding your complaint, and, in both cases, not be out of time to present your claim in the Employment Tribunal. Of course, we would also need to ensure there’s no legal or ethical issue preventing us from assisting you.

This can be discussed further through the Free Legal Advice Clinic.

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